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Stimulate Your Crafty Side With These DIY Decor Ideas at Our West Chester Apartments

Apartment embellishment can be a pricey affair. While splurging on wall arts, throw pillows, and decorative items could put a strain on your finances, there’s good news for our West Chester apartments’ residents. If you’re a hands-on person who enjoys tinkering and crafting, there are numerous DIY tips to make your living space unique and personalized while maintaining a budget. Explore these DIY decor projects tailored for McCauly Crossing.


Rustic Chic Appeal With Wooden Crates

Wooden crates might seem mundane, but they are incredibly versatile for DIY decorating. If you’re a fan of the farmhouse-style aesthetics, wooden crates can be deployed in numerous ways. You can stack them to form a TV stand with open storage, utilize them as a base for your mattress or mount them on the wall for a classic rustic-style shelf. The ideas are virtually limitless.


Build A Sentimental Collage Wall

There’s no better way to personify your apartment than to display photos or artworks that hold dear memories. Grab some distinctive frames from discount stores and curate a gallery wall or collage with your beloved items. To personalize them further, consider spray painting the frames. The sight of the wall is sure to bring a smile to your face and that of visiting friends and family members.


Mason Jar Wall Sconces: A Vintage Touch

Wall sconces with candles or LED lights give a warm ambiance to your home—making DIY ones is an affordable alternative to buying. For our West Chester apartments, you can use scrap wood, a mason jar, twine, fake flowers, and a hook. After securing the hook to the wood piece, hang the mason jar using some twine. Add a flameless candle and faux flowers for further decoration—or through in some LED fairy lights.


Enhance Space Perception With Mirrors

Strategically placed mirrors can make a small space appear larger. But why resort to conventional store-bought mirrors when you can create an expressive layout using uniquely collected mirrors from thrift stores or yard sales? You can customize these mirrors with paint and beads for a completely one-of-a-kind decoration. Grouping several together can create a striking feature and visually expand your home.


Showcase Your Artistry With Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint can transform a plain wall or hanging wall art into an interactive decor hub. Available at your local paint store, you can use it to list your groceries, allow kids to doodle, or keep reminders—it’s a budget-friendly and fun decor idea. You can also paint a canvas and hang it on the wall with a daily quote or to-do list.


Embrace a creative approach to decorating your home at our West Chester apartments without burdening your finances. Visit us at McCauly Crossing today for a walkthrough of our captivating property and expansive floor plans.

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